Expect Miracles:

Journeys to Challenge Perceptions, inspire and Celebrate Miracles

Best-selling author and international speaker Sue Dumais brings together 10 beautiful souls in an exploration into truly Heart-Led Living. Join Kirsty, a Certified Intuitive Coach and the other authors observe the invisible beauty around us, awaken ourselves to the seemingly intangible and do the impossible.

 Black and White to Rainbow - Contributing Author Kirsty Peckham 

A truly inspiring, courageous story of trust that offers to help those caught in inner turmoil reveal, honour and live the very essence of who we each are. Transparent and strong without drama, Kirsty invites you to learn alongside her how to live life in full conscious authenticity and face challenges. In finding and connecting with your inner-strength, Black and White to Rainbow will offer you one woman's story of how life changes when the all-knowing heart leads and the analysing mind supports.

​​Love in thought; love in action. Love not just a noun; it's a verb.

I cannot possibly be a loving presence in the world if my internal world has self-hating thoughts - K.Peckham


​​Kirsty offers personal insight into beginning a journey of a passionate belief in a Universe that is both friendly and trustworthy rather than hostile: from a dark predetermined rigidity to light open heartedness. Kirsty shares how she now continually seeks and finds peace; how she is on a continual exploration to honour her inner strength and courage and; how she came out of a closeted darkness to embrace her love of another woman.


With an honest beauty, Kirsty invites you to join her learning and experience of how we can all navigate life's bumps and blessings as a human with Spirit as the guide.

-Sue Dumais

To hear Sue and Kirsty talking about Black and White to Rainbow click on Kirsty's profile picture 

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