"I am Now true to myself..."


... I'd been telling the same stories about me and my life for so long I'd got stuck.  I was convinced that this is what my life was. Working with you loosened my grip on my perceived reality. The coaching space gave me the opportunity to release the burdens I was carrying. I don't need to carry them any more! It has given me the courage and strength to feel what I am feeling when I am feeling it.  On the other side is always peace, inner peace.

I now have my trust in my own intuition.


...I really appreciate the way you create a calm centred place at the beginning of each session. I never feel rushed and appreciate how you take time to invite me to ground and connect. Being reminded that it is a safe space where everything is welcome is also something I have found very helpful - that reassurance has heightened my sense of trust in our sessions and allowed me not to overthink what it is I am bringing to the calls. 
The insights and images you share as we speak has helped me to connect to the experience more fully and have always felt to be in alignment. I find your voice very grounding and your honesty is evident. There is no pretension or affectation and I never worry that I will be judged. Instead, when we have spoken I get a clear sense of your heart and of your presence. Your clarity of thought and gentleness of soul really shines through.

Thank you, I so appreciate the coaching sessions with you

"I feel heard...

... because in our sessions together you have the ability to receive what is shameful in such a safe and loving atmosphere. You work with massive depth, sincerity, insight and wisdom which creates massive safety for me.  This is probably the first time I've been really honest with myself. I used to blame all my problems on others and complain about everything. Looking at my 'stuff' with you wasn't scary.

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